how to rank on google in 2024 – a Guide 

how to rank on google

How to rank on google in 2024? Website Optimization Guide.

Whenever you  search any query on search engines like google, yahoo, they give you millions of appropriate results within milliseconds. Have you ever thought how is it possible to give millions of results? How is the search engine so fast? What mechanism runs behind it?

I know you are curious to know How Search Engine Works?

Basically search engines follow its algorithm (a system programs or rules that follow to solve a problem or give you the best result). We are not going for deep technology (will be discussed in another blog) runs behind search engines. We are Business people and have means to grow business with the help of search engines and their ranking factors.

Let’s start…

Do you run a business and have an online presence  but the thing that irritates you is that your competitors are far better than you, they rank among the top of search engine result first page (SERP).

Search engines are very important in everyday life, we are highly dependent on it. From news, games, projects, social media, youtube, posts, quotes, anything we need, search engines help us. Daily our mind process lots of queries. To satisfy them we use search engines or we just Google it.

Google or other search engine’s prime goal is to give users the best experience by giving the best result and organizing them properly. Search engines also making user experience better by understanding user behavior (cookies factor)

Any website that comes in rank on SERP. Generally users go on that web page and fulfill their query or buy products from the website. Top ranked websites fetch more sales, because of their digital strategy, so they are successful.

How to rank in SERP

To be ranked in the search engine result page you have to do strong SEO for each of the content published on websites.

To be ranked on SERP these factor must be done properly –

  1. Create website
  2. Optimize website structure
  3. Content upload
  4. Social Media profiles
  5. Youtube Channel
  6. Maps integration
  7. Tools Integration
  8. Blogging
  9. SEO
    • On page seo
    • Technical seo
    • Off page seo – Backlinking
    • Local seo
  10. Publish
rank on google
how to rank on google in 2022

Create website

Create a proper website (html, php, jumla, WordPress). Means it must be best in user interface and user experience. (Study your competitor websites and fine some loopholes and work on it)


Website structure

Create a mind map. Arrange pages one by one. (Home, Services, Portfolios, About us, Contact us), menu and mega menu. Web structure must be in proper sections, modules must not overlap each other until it is not much required. Test website in common devices like pc, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

Content upload

Upload the required content like images, audio, video, pdf, ppt, etc. Content must not be heavy in size, otherwise it will take more time in rendering and downloading websites. That will increase the chance of a visitor to move away (You will not want it all). Compress the content as much as, it could be without losing the quality.

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bebrand media youtube
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Social Media profiles

Create Profiles on all famous social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (they give a business authority via backlinks and enhance the chance of ranking). Now Optimize all profiles properly according to platform guidelines. Post on them regularly and share too.

Youtube Channel

Create a Youtube channel to nurture audiences via regular and quality videos. The quality and nurtured audience will redirect to the website. Also properly optimized youtube profile give a high authority backlink.

Map integration

If your business has an office, store or location, register it on mapping directories (google map)and integrate it in the business website with a direction button. Direction or searching via search engines enhance authority ranking.

Tools integration

Every website must be linked with some better tools –

  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Bing webmaster
  • Uiux tracker
  • Chat bot
  • Security
  • CDN
  • Sharing buttons
  • Email optin


Blogging is a must do segment for a ranked website. It fetches some extra traffic on the web. Regular blogging nurtures visitors to become a potential customer. Blogging must be done via keyword research (initially). Newsletter helps in retargeting and upselling or cross selling.

Generally, business websites use blogging to fetch organic traffic, this is a gradual process and it persists for a long time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are going to discussed here 4 type of seo –

On page SEO

After creating a page and uploading proper content, we need to optimize the page according to the search engine algorithm, so search engines can understand the content and index it in an easy way. On page checklist –

      • Titles (in pixel) and title tags (h1, h2,.. h6)
      • Alt tags
      • Compelling title
      • Description
      • Small paragraph
      • Use bullets
      • Use synonyms
      • Positive and negative emotion words
      • Number in title
      • Keyword research Main keyword, supporting keywords 
      • Question keyword
      • 403 page
Technical SEO

This part is crucial and it is highly technical. Search engine programming language (i.e. algorithm) read, understand, and index the page via following heads. Do them properly.

      • Check proper indexing
      • Robot.txt
      • Sitemap.xml
      • Schema markup
      • Canonical tag
      • 301 redirection
      • Crawl error
      • Mobile first index
      • LCP
      • Duplicate content
      • Https
      • Broken link
      • Structure data
      • How  search engine view page

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Off Page SEO

This is the final thing you have to do. It is not so technical but it is a boring and lengthy process.

      • Competitor analysis
      • Find link building opportunities
      • Backlink Building
      • Allow others for tagging
      • Share of social media
      • Email others
      • Ask people to come and check content, read and feedback.
      • Improve the content accordingly.
      • Change keywords time to time by trend analysis
Local SEO

This is for that business that has an office, store, shop, or any location. And want to rush to the specific location. Let’s start

    • Create a Listing on map
    • Do proper listing optimization
    • Competitor listing analysis
    • Make much citation – backlink on other directories and maps.
Local seo

Publish the page or website –

Recheck all the activities done on page for rank on google or other search engines. If you have confidence then publish and wait for the crawler to index and the algorithm works. 


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