Offline Business


Offline Business

Offline Business Vs. Online Business (42 Points)

Here we are going to examine whether Offline Business or Online Business is better?

There are 42 points.

Let’s go..


Heads                                 Offline Business Online Business
Physical office/shop Digital – website
Shop/office Rent/buy Hosting
Name Shop name Domain





Website Designer,


Inventory Physical Virtual/Digital
User Accessibility Hard  Easy
Foreign customer Can’t reach Easily reach
24*7 access no yes
Sleeping money no yes
Marketing Hard Easy
Advertising budget High Low
Reach Limited Global
Competition Untrackable Trackable
Chat Assistant Limited time 24*7
Getting leads Hard Easy
Manpower Qualified Technology
Eco friendly No Yes
Automation Manual Programmed
Errors Yes No/few
Targeting Hard Very Easy
Location targeting Limited Unlimited
Portfolio showcase Hard Easy
Paper use Yes No
Market research Hard  Easy
Steal competitor customer Hard  Easy
Owner engagement Max Low
Professionalism Show Reflect
Retarget customers Hard Easy
CRM Hard Easy
ERP Hard Easy
Time saving No Yes
Find competitor’s strategies No Yes
Data analysis Hard Easy
Real time tracking No Yes
Updation Hard Easy
Upgradation Hard Easy
Market influence Hard  Easy
Micro tracking Hard Easy
Virtuality No Yes
Future prediction Hard Easy
Making Brand Lengthy Fast


I think you have got a clear vision of what is more important for your business going online or offline.

You have to go with what your business actually needs. If you are selling software or eBooks, going with digital channels means go purely online.

Nowadays there is none business that is running purely offline. Most of them use a mixture of both and this is a better way to do business.

Happy Business!

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