Online Exams Software


This software in most affordable and easy to learn.

We are giving a separate commander admin panel for coaching/school owner, So setup and relax, system will work automatically.

A girl is taking exam through Online exams software

Solid Features

Our Online Exams Software has following features..

  • ZMCQ Q&A
  • ZDescriptive Q&A
  • ZStudent Metrics
  • ZFree Website
  • ZStudent Forum
  • ZTeacher Friendly
  • ZOwner Command Panel
  • ZTeacher Friendly
  • ZStudent Forum
  • ZStudent Profile/Dashboard
  • ZQuestion Bank
  • ZMore...

Machine Learning

A lots of work done and code tested to get our software working well.

Screen Reader & PDFs

A descriptive answer sheet can be automatically read by software, and it will enable a teacher to check and annotate answer within software. Mark or annotation will transfer to the student within seconds.

R & D

R & D is continuously running to give users and admin a better experience. Although we have launched a better version.

Commander Panel

Institution’s owner has its full privilege, his/her only work is to setup the system and enjoy. Let’s the software work automatically.

  • Coaching Management Software CRM – Click Me

Tutorial Video

Monthly Plans

Upto 225 Students
  • 1 Admin
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Unlimited Course/Exams
Above 225 Students
  • 1 Admin
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Unlimited Course/Exams